At Helping Hands we listen to you and hear what you say.  We want to help with as many of your problems as possible, so we will take the time for you to explain all that is troubling you.  Once we know the full picture, we will be able to help as much as possible.  These days, we know that many people are upset with all sorts of problems.  But don’t worry.  We are used to sorting out all sorts of difficulties.

If you are terrified by forms or can’t understand letters we will help to explain things. We are happy to help people with mental or physical problems. We will speak up for everyone and make your voice heard.

We will treat everything you tell us in confidence.  We offer a face to face service at our three centres and we will try to deal with all of your problems under one roof.

We will help you with:-

Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits – of all kinds  Once we know your circumstances, we can explain the Welfare Benefits which you could claim.  We can give you a form to fill in to apply for your Benefits, or we will help you to fill in the forms. We will do all of the paper work for you if this is what you prefer.  Some Benefit applications, such as Welfare Provision Grants, can be made over the phone, and we can help with this if you wish.

Debts – We help to reschedule debt repayments.  If your problem is urgent, we will try and fight your case with bailiffs, courts and debt collectors.  We can help you to budget better for the future and we will make sure that you have claimed all of the Welfare Benefits that you could gain.  We can’t make your debts go away, but we can make them easier to manage.

Utility Bills – If you have problems understanding your bills, or if you want to try to get a cheaper deal, we will make the phone calls to the utility companies on your behalf.  If you are in particular hardship and unable to pay your bills, you might be able to get help from such organisations as the Severn Trent Trust.  We can help you with any such claims.

Consumer Worries – If you think you have had a poor deal from traders or with faulty goods, we can help you to sort out the problems.

Housing  – We can advise on problems with your landlords or mortgage.  If you are homeless, we can help you to find a safe place to live.  If you need to find a different place to live for whatever reason, we will guide you to the best place. Also in Partnership with Shelter, who now have a representative available in our office at South Wigston every Tuesday 9.30am to 1pm.

Domestic Abuse – We help both male and female victims of domestic abuse.  We try to help with all of you needs, from finding a place of safety, to legal help, financial advice, Welfare Benefit advice, counselling, and help with employment or training in the longer term.

Employment – If you think that you have been unfairly treated at work or if you have any queries about your employment rights we can give you advice and assistance.

Legal – Our staff are trained to help with many of the legal aspects of Consumer, Welfare Benefit and Disability problems.  We also have knowledge of family law and wills and probate.  However, we do not pretend to know everything. We are fortunate in having partner solicitors who come to our South Wigston office from time to time to provide half an hour of free advice on family law, or consumer law.

Finding household goods – We can point you to places which supply cheap household goods or things for your baby.

When we offer help with any and all of the problems above, we include in our work letter writing, form filling, phone calls and counselling.  If you are afraid to talk to such people as the local Council, the courts, the bailiffs, and the Department of Works and Pensions, we will give them a call or write a letter on your behalf.

We go in person to assist and support people at courts, the Council offices, doctors, social services, and Tribunals so that we can act as their advocates and make sure that they receive the justice which they deserve.  Presently we do not have the funding to be able to carry out this work, but we appeal to anyone who could help to fund our services so that we can support the vulnerable people who need our help outside of the offices and surgeries.

Community Coach – Find our more on the flyer here.

‘Family breakdowns can be a mess, from divorce to finances we can help with the stress’