“Advice Services Boost in Oadby & Wigston’’

10 December 2015

During a time of ongoing austerity and service cuts at last there is some good news! Two local charities will be working together with Oadby & Wigston Borough Council to provide general advice to the most needy and vulnerable residents of the Borough at one of the most difficult times of year for people.

Until recently it was feared that the Borough would have been left without a welfare benefits, money and general advice service with the threatened closure of the Helping Hands Community Trust.  Thanks to Helping Hands, the Citizens Advice Bureau and Oadby & Wigston forging a new partnership this will help protect the interest of all residents and ensure support and advice is easily accessible to those affected by changes in welfare benefit provision including Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments.

Helping Hands and Citizens Advice Bureau are working together to set up a service that will reach out as widely as possible to the needy in the Borough to ensure advice and assistance is available. The two charities are now finalising their proposals which will be put into operation as soon as possible after Christmas.  Services will also include help with form filling together with legal and debt advice.  More information on what services will be provided and how to access them will be published later this month.

The agreement between the two charities and the Council will ensure that a seamless service is provided in all three towns until such time as the Council is able to draw up a comprehensive specification that will meet the long term needs of the Borough.



For Further information please contact:

Helping Hands: 0116 278 2001
Citizens Advice Bureau: 0300 330 1025
O&W BC: John Boyce, 07766 923613


Download this press release as a PDF.